Profile Editor – Customize Your Applicant’s Profile Registration Form

By September 1, 2017March 11th, 2020Applicant Portal, Knowledge Base


You can customize some questions of your applicant’s registration form.  Some customization will occur when you and a member of the GO Smart team set up your site.  Be sure to ask about the enhanced profile which allows your applicants to set themselves as an individual or organization.  If you report to the NEA, you can take advantage of a setting that asks for NEA-specific demographics on the registration page.  Once you have these settings in place, you can determine whether some additional questions should be included on the registration form.

NOTE: If you have opted out of the enhanced profile, you can only modify settings for the district and web address fields.  All other fields will remain hidden, regardless of your setting on this page. If there are items that are not valuable for 100% of your applicants, consider making them not required, or hiding them and asking for that information in the appropriate application(s).

Profile Editor
If an item should appear but not be required for all registering applicants, use the “Display and Not Required” setting
If an item should appear and be required for all registering applicants, use the “Display and Required” setting
If an item should not appear on the registration form for any registering applicants, use the “Hidden” setting
Determine the optional fields that will appear to your registrants.
These optional settings will only apply if an applicant self-selects that they are registering as an Organization; if an applicant self-selects Individual or you have the Enhanced Profile turned off these items will not display, regardless of the setting.
  1. Navigate to the Front End Manager tab > Profile Editor
  2. For each field, toggle between Display and Not Required, Display and Required, or Hidden, to determine if that field will appear on the registration page for 100% of your applicants
  3. Click the Preview button to preview how the registration page will appear to your applicants
  4. Click the Save button to save your selections