Easy Setup, Simple Pricing

GO Smart™ is the affordable grants management solution

We want to make things easier for you-no hidden fees or costs per applicant. Transparent pricing makes it a cinch to budget for your grants management software. Prices are based on your number of annual grant programs–nothing more, nothing less. 


single program cycle

single program cycle

Up to 10
1-10 program cycles
with Plus features

unlimited program
cycles and features

One-time Setup Fee$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Annual Administration Fee*$500$500$500$500
Plan Fee$1,000/cycle**$1,500/cycle**$9,500/year$14,500/year
Cost for Cycles Added During Term$1,000/cycle$1,500/cycle

Basic or Plus prices applied
per program cycle over 10 cycles

No additional charges
FeaturesBasicPlusUp to 10Unlimited
Concierge Onboarding
Data Storage and Reporting
Applicant Media Storage***250MB per user250MB per user250MB per user250MB per user
Live Customer Support3 hours per program3 hours per program35 hours per year50 hours per year
24/7 Access to Help Center & Knowledge Base
Administrative UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Application Form
Intent to Apply Form
Final Report Form
Interim Report Form-
Flex Forms (General Intake)-
Quarterly Reports-
Multi-Year or Extended Cycles-
Multi-Submission ToolOO
Invitational Passcode Feature
NEA Templates and Reporting
Budget Templates

This feature is included in the package.
  This feature is not available in the package.
O This feature can be purchased for $150 per basic or plus program cycle package.
* Client must maintain an active annual fee to retain access to the GO Smart site and data collected and stored within the site.
**Rolling applications will be billed annually at the appropriate basic or plus price point.
***Applicants can access a media repository housed within their user profile that allows for 250 MB of files at any time. Additional storage can be purchased in increments of 250 MB for all users, starting at $500 for additional storage.

Reach out to a member of the GO Smart sales team to learn more!

Get a Head Start with Smart Start

If you’re stretched for time or simply want the convenience of having your next grant opportunity built for you, let the GO Smart team get you set up for success right out of the gate with Smart Start! Give us 30 days to create one to three* grant opportunities for you, customized to your timeline and needs 

Starting at $1,000 per grant opportunity.

Smart Start infograph


Share past grant opportunities and any other information about your grant to help us evaluate the best way to build the grant on GO Smart.


Review the grant opportunity and discuss any changes with the GO Smart team.


Confirm the grant opportunity is ready to launch and learn how to make future edits.