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Media Request Using a Custom Narrative Page

You have likely learned a lot about how to use the Media Library and Media Library Selection page to request media from your applicants. Using those tools requires a two-step process for both you and your applicants. The benefits of using those tools are: Applicants can store and manage high quality media files in their […]

Media Library Tools

Learn more about the elements of setting up the Media Library Modules (Administrator Step 1) here. While setting up a Media Library Selection Page, aka the Work Sample Select page on some existing or cloned cycles (Administrator Step 2), craft your own language for the Info/Instruction section or use our suggestion found here. For additional […]

Media Library Selection Page Suggested Info/Instruction Language

Like all pages in GO Smart, the Media Library Selection page includes an Info/Instruction text field where you can include custom language. While you can direct your applicants on how to use the Media Library Selection page in whatever way you prefer, we have created some template language you might find helpful. This dynamic page […]

Media Library Selection Page

The Media Library Selection page is a dynamic page that works with your applicants’ Media Library. It is the second step of a two-step process that allows your applicants to attach images, audio, video, and/or document files to their applications. Before applicants can select media files to attach to their applications, they must first upload […]

Detach Committed Media from a Media Library Selection Page

You may have some applicants asking how to detach a file that is attached to a Media Library Selection page or how to make a media file “uncommitted.” Media that is attached to an In Progress form will be “committed” in the applicant’s Media Library. An item that is committed cannot be modified or removed […]

Media Library Module – Setting Up Your Applicants’ Media Library

GO Smart allows you to request media from your applicants in two very distinct ways. One way requires our Media Library Module tools, discussed further below. The other option utilizes File Upload fields and/or Text fields on a Custom Narrative page. Learn more about adding these question types to a grant cycle here or see […]