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After (or while) you have conducted the panel for your cycle, you can create a robust report that includes both simple and comprehensive breakdowns of your panelists’ scores and comments.

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab > Panelist Report.
  2. Select the Program, Cycle, and Panel for which you would like to build a Panelist Report.
  3. Select the application status(es) that you would like to include in the report.
  4. Sort by using the Ordered By and Direction drop-down menus.
  5. Click Build Report.
  6. View an HTML version of the report by clicking View Report.
  7. Download a spreadsheet by clicking Download to Excel.
  8. Click Build New Report to start over.

Things to know about the panelist reports:

  • You can view all of your comprehensive scores and comments in the Panelist Report.
  • Quickly view your panelist data by clicking the View Report button rather than downloading the report to Excel.
  • Panelist Reports can be pulled per panel, not per cycle.
  • If you reassign an application to a previously scored panel, those old scores and comments will be visible on the panelist report for the previously-scored panel.
  • Use the Excel spreadsheet to draft contracts and award letters with a mail merge or to pull a comprehensive report of award amounts.
  • The spreadsheet is available in Open Office and other spreadsheet software if Excel is not available.
  • See an example of a Sample Panelist Report.

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