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Easily administer panel rounds when you need to move applications through multiple steps of judging. Begin with your larger pool of applications, then score, comment, and move qualified applications to the next round when ready. See the steps below for creating and assigning panels for rounds in GO Smart:

  • Create panel(s) for round 1.
  • Assign panelist(s) and application(s) to round 1 panels.
  • Invite panelist(s) to score/comment on the applications.
  • Generate a panelist report for all round 1 scores and comments.
  • Create panel(s) for round 2.
  • Assign panelist(s) to round 2 panel(s).
  • Re-assign qualified application(s) to round 2 panels.
    • Disregard the error message indicating that you will lose previous scores.
    • Previous scores will be hidden (not deleted) and can be viewed and reported if/when you reassign the application(s) to the originally scored panel.
  • Invite panelist(s) to score/comment on the round 2 panel(s).
  • Generate a panelist report for the round 2 panel(s).
  • Repeat as needed. 

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