Let’s face it: We could all use a little more money. And a lot more time. For nonprofits in particular, this is nothing new. But making the case for adopting cloud-based grants management systems can be challenging when you need the buy-in of those who may not instantly understand how such an investment will improve productivity and decrease costs. You may be logging countless hours working with applicants; poring over data in multiple, complicated Excel sheets; and training volunteer panelists who may need remote access to the applications. But communicating that in a compelling way to those who aren’t in the grant trenches every day is a whole other issue.

As you consider how to make the case for moving your application management to the cloud, ask yourself a few key questions to get some ideas flowing for how best to advocate for moving to cloud-based grants management.

  1. Why should you make the move?
  1. Who will make this decision for your organization?
  1. What are you looking for in a cloud product?
  1. Simplicity/ease of use
  2. Online panel process
  3. Familiarity with the arts
  4. Excellent customer service, in-house preferred
  5. A trusted, well established company
  1. What is the ROI for a move to the cloud?

GO Smart Cost Benefit Analysis and Worksheet

Once you’ve considered the above, let us show you how GO Smart could be the best choice for your grant management needs. Email gosmartsales@westaf.org for more information.