Navigation Editor – Create Additional Resource Pages

By August 25, 2017March 11th, 2020Applicant Portal, Knowledge Base

Use the Navigation Editor to create additional resource pages for your applicants.  These pages will display on your applicant site as tabs on the navigation bar (shown in the example below) along with the system-generated tabs.  These pages will be available to anyone who visits your site.  They frequently include guidelines, best practices, or other important information for your applicants with regards to using the site and/or applying for your grants.   

NOTES: Once your applicant logs in, the navigation tabs will move to the end of the navigation bar list from left to right.  An applicant who is logged in will always see the Home, User Profile, Current Programs & Applications, and Manage Work Sample tabs before your navigation pages.

Navigation Editor
Create your resource page(s) at the Navigation Editor subtab.
Your page(s) will appear on your applicant’s portal along the navigation bar. These pages will be visible to any visitor to your page. They will move to the right along the navigation bar when an applicant is logged in.
  1. You will navigate to the Front End Manager tab > Navigation Editor
  2. Click the Add web page button
  3. Enter the title of the page as you want it to appear along your navigation bar to your applicants (Application Resources in this example above)
  4. Set the sequence from left to right by toggling the Sequence dropdown
  5. Enter the language of your page
    1. Learn more about the Text Editor tools
  6. Include an optional footer and/or image (unnecessary if you use the text editor formatting tools in the Body text field)
  7. Click the Add or Update button at the bottom to save your page
  8. Create additional pages by clicking the Add web page button
  9. Modify existing pages by clicking the Edit button
  10. Delete existing pages by clicking the Remove button